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Photos of I-litter born 8 august 2009!

e: Rabows Paparazzi at Mataya - u: Mataya's Foxtrot Juliett




© Photos: Heidi Kim Nysæther




Jack from the J-litter, say hello to one of his halv siblings


7-8 week, small little rascal ;o)

Hey, move you butt.

Jack from the E-litter, say hello to one of his halv siblings






6 weeks and regardless the weather, they love to be outside.




Mikey love to play with the puppies.


Dinner outside.



5 weeks and we are growing and expending our area.








4 1/2 weeks old and we have moved done in the living room :o)







3 weeks

Grandma Kelly is also taken care of us ;o)




2 weeks old and we are growing fast ;o)



5  days old.