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Photos of D-litter born 16 february 2008

e: Mataya's Charlie Foxtroot  u: Lurvelegg's Ellie Ensom Pike



© Photos: Heidi Kim Nysæther


Wow, how the time just fly away. But here are more photos of the puppies, they are between 6 - 7 1/2 weeks old.
Bergen did finally get some warm weather again, so the puppies has been a lot out in the garden playing.





Hi dad, I also want to play.

Come out and play, can you see Kelly?

Action time





Hi, I found a boot.

Mum is relaxing
5 weeks to 6 weeks old





4 weeks old.


The puppies are growing and are begging to show there personality know :o)




When mummy was out, auntie Kelly visited us.
2 1/2 weeks old.


1 week old.



Sleepy time.