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Photos of F-litter born 28 mars 2007!

e: Int Nord UCh NVCh Vondox Milky Way  u: Mataya's Charlies Black Angel



© Photos: Heidi Kim Nysæther

Then all the puppies has left for there new homes, good luck to you all kids.

Last photos of the f-litter they are here between 7-8 1/2 weeks old.


Last girl leaving.

New way to eat :o)

Come and play with me?

I don't need expencive toys.

Looking at us?

Dream sweet.

It's warm.

Two of the girls.

The two boys.

Summer girl.

6 -7 weeks old, the weather are nice so the puppie are a lot out in the garden.


Food station.

Looking at me?

Time to rest.


Out in the garden with uncle Charlie.




5 weeks old and we are using the whole living room to play in.



It is exhausting to move to a new room

Yeah, food.
4 weeks old and we have mowe down in the living room.

Charlie wonder if hi is going to see the puppies.

Hello uncle Charlie.


Little people.

First meal.
3 weeks old

Hard to be a mum.

Sweet girl.


Keep distance!

Give me food.
18 days old.

Sleepy puppies.

14 days old.

1 week old.


2 days old.