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Photos of D-litter born 13 mai 2005

e: Mataya's Charlie Foxtroot  u: Lurvelegg's Ellie Ensom Pike



© Photos: Heidi Kim Nysæther

Mataya's Don Quixote

Charlie with some of his kids

Mataya's Dennis Sweet Little Boy

We have all gone to our new home.  
Mataya's Dennis Sweet Little Boy is staying here, until his owner is coming home from holidays.


Mataya's Delta Lima

Mataya's d'Artagnan The Brave

Mataya's Dixie Sweet Little Girl


Sleepy puppies :o)



And for the first time out in the garden!

Our father Charlie, was busted when trying to make 
a cavern of the newspaper. In our puppy yard!

Ah, got my mother for myself. 

Now we are 4 weeks old, and big things has happen.

We have been moved to  the living room and got a new puppy yard. Very exhausted adventure.


Visit from "auntie" Kelly and father; Charlie. They don't look very comfortable.




First meal.


Now we are 3 weeks old.



15 days old.



6 days old.

Tired gang.


1 day old.

Sleepy time, 3 days old.